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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1566 Buffered data not printed balaji bug major mpich

Status: assigned (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1150 -gdb argument unavailable balaji bug major mpich
#1436 using pmi2 causes aborts balaji bug major mpich
#1614 MPI-3: Fortran 2008 bindings balaji bug major mpich
#1769 Datatypes created by MPI_Type_create_f90_real not usable in MPI operations gropp bug major mpich
#1952 Faster MPI_Comm_split for intracomms robl feature minor mpich
#2174 pmisrv code has unusually large stacks apenya bug minor mpich
#2246 Compiler warnings apenya bug minor mpich

Status: closed (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#2244 List of commits to revert once MPI 3.1 is approved apenya feature blocker mpich fixed
#2318 Overzealous constification of deleted functions balaji bug blocker mpich fixed
#2011 MPI_File_write_all fails when trying to write 4GB on lustre robl bug major romio fixed
#2012 MPI_File_write (silently) writes 2GB instead of 4GB on lustre robl bug major romio fixed
#2312 graph500_mpi_simple fails with MXM when run on 128 processes monicasee bug major mpich fixed
#2350 Segfault during request initialization aamer bug major mpich fixed
#1667 and mpishared.h copy/paste wbland bug minor mpich fixed
#1986 mpifort feature minor mpich fixed

Status: new (84 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#79 Blocking support for Nemesis feature major mpich
#919 Allgatherv performance huiweilu bug major mpich
#929 MPICH Performance tests sseo bug major mpich
#1034 Medusa PMI Library raffenet bug major mpich
#1039 lmt cookies allocated on stack bug major mpich
#1144 Cannot get checkpointing to work wbland bug major mpich
#1159 mpich2-1.3.x is violating alignment requirements bug major mpich
#1163 MPI_Iprobe returns MPI_SUCCESS on node failure wbland bug major mpich
#1419 hangs and error messages in r7750 point-to-point communication wbland bug major mpich
#1420 Processes segfaulting when a fault occurs wbland bug major mpich
#1422 error messages in MPI_Barrier of larger number of processes wbland bug major mpich
#1560 cannot restart a program from a different set of nodes after checkpointing wbland bug major mpich
#1595 Workaround bad /etc/hosts configurations raffenet bug major mpich
#1612 MPI_Comm_split_type improvements balaji bug major mpich
#1627 Hydra: SIGTSTP support raffenet bug major mpich
#1650 Hydra: Topology information propagation balaji bug major mpich
#1654 Improvements to Topology Functions balaji bug major mpich
#1735 Passive target RMA target states should not be a dense array wbland bug major mpich
#1767 64-bit to 32-bit truncations balaji bug major mpich
#1812 Hydra: sessions not correctly tracked in pbs environments raffenet bug major mpich
#1826 MPIR_Comm_create_calculate_mapping cant use optimization with MPI_COMM_WORLD jnysal bug major mpich
#1858 Hydra: binding options raffenet bug major mpich
#1872 Bad error messages when directory structure is incorrect raffenet bug major mpich
#1896 Hydra: yarn support balaji bug major mpich
#1937 Configure accepts incompatible options wbland bug major mpich
#1985 Datatype fast path bug major mpich
#2009 Make error and collective bit management uniform wbland bug major mpich
#2013 Option '-iface' broken when MPICH is configured with '--enable-strict' raffenet bug major mpich
#2015 parallel hdf5 test hanging on rhel7 balaji bug major mpich
#2046 Incorrect semantics in test/mpi/rma/reqops.c xinzhao bug major mpich
#2051 MPI_T routines must not call error handler or MPIR_Err_create_code sseo bug major mpich
#2056 Constant parameters in deprecated functions huiweilu bug major mpich
#2063 mpich and lldb interaction balaji bug major mpich
#2064 Fortran common block symbol aliases issue aamer bug major mpich
#2095 Hydra issue with SSH balaji bug major hydra
#2113 make tvtest fails huiweilu bug major mpich
#2115 RMA fails with derived type containing struct of struct robl bug major mpich
#2130 test case for Data Integrity issue in MPI_Gather sssharka bug major mpich
#2148 MXM netmod: track netmod communication context in nemesis balaji feature major mpich
#2156 FUNC_EXIT warnings when running sseo bug major mpich
#2164 Shrink test failing wbland bug major ulfm
#2165 Intel compiler warnings sseo bug major mpich
#2168 various Solaris build issues raffenet bug major mpich
#2184 MPI Datatype performance degradation sseo bug major mpich
#2187 Taking down two complete nodes causes all of MPICH to crash wbland bug major ulfm
#2188 Do optimizations for same_size, same_disp_unit in RMA feature major mpich
#2192 portals4: Issue with dropped ACKs and REPLY events balaji bug major mpich
#2194 Bug in MPI_Neighbor_alltoall apenya bug major mpich
#2195 configure does nothing when valgrind headers are broken sseo bug major mpich
#2205 Client hangs if server dies in established communicator wbland bug major mpich
#2206 Make all environment variables case-insensitive bug major mpich
#2228 Extend MTest on RMA to include different communication patterns and ACC operations xinzhao feature major mpich
#2229 Add new test patterns in mtest-datatype. feature major mpich
#2230 Memory overrun on big endian systems bug major mpich
#2233 Silent abort on Linux with repeated failures and collectives wbland bug major mpich
#2255 Interlibrary dependencies: static linkers raffenet bug major mpich
#2257 MPI_Bcast() fails with count=2^29 bug major mpich
#2263 hydra name resolution with slurm on ubuntu raffenet bug major hydra
#2274 hydra block background processes raffenet bug major hydra
#2279 Add win_allocate version for all RMA test monicasee feature major mpich
#2280 Add more RMA tests monicasee test needed major mpich
#2290 NBC: Callback based design xinzhao bug major mpich
#2303 Inconsistency in using MPIR_xxx_impl bug major mpich
#2304 de-dupe functionality in PAC_[APPEND|PREPEND]_FLAG macros does not work raffenet bug major mpich
#2308 MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple hang issue with hosts info key bug major hydra
#2309 Unaligned memory access in receiving process monicasee bug major mpich
#2310 add segment utility to detect datatype mismatch bug major mpich
#2320 MPIR_Get_count_impl is not count-safe bug major mpich
#2335 Large extended packet header cannot fit in single cell for intra-node data transfer bug major mpich
#2336 Redirecting stdin data larger than the pipe capacity bug major hydra
#2349 The buffer at the root process during Bcast is being overwritten bug major mpich
#1102 Progress might never be called even if process calls send repeatedly. wbland bug minor mpich
#1686 pmi2 code asserts for any MPI program balaji bug minor mpich
#1750 RMA Request types xinzhao feature minor mpich
#1779 Shr. Mem. RMA: Direct atomic CAS/FOP xinzhao feature minor mpich
#1780 Shr. Mem. RMA: Disp array should be moved to shared segment xinzhao feature minor mpich
#1782 stdin returns EAGAIN after system("mpiexec ...") raffenet bug minor mpich
#1783 RMA and exotic predefined types xinzhao bug minor mpich
#1797 audit MPI_* routines for missing ALLFUNC CS macros thakur bug minor mpich
#1833 segfault calling neighbor collectives in communicator with no topology raffenet bug minor mpich
#1955 is MPIDI_msg_sz_t needed? robl bug minor mpich
#2022 mpiexec jobs no longer run in background balaji bug minor mpich
#2053 MPI_Comm_free_keyval does not return an error when double freeing keyvals yguo bug minor mpich
#2231 Make ABI string user accessible feature minor mpich
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