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#2342 mpi_f_sync_reg missing bug blocker mpich 2 years
#2316 mrecv in ofi netmod (ch3) raffenet feature major mpich 3 years
#2329 Local hostname/host IP lookup improvements balaji bug major mpich 2 years
#2348 MPI_File_iread_at and friends can return wrong count robl bug major mpich 23 months
#2352 MPIC_Sendrecv_replace takes an `int count` robl bug major mpich 21 months
#2331 if mpif77 is a link to mpifort, do not install mpif77 manpage raffenet bug minor mpich 2 years
#2343 add configure option --enable-abi-compatibility raffenet feature minor mpich 2 years
#2345 testsuite: --enable-strictmpi should disable certain directories raffenet bug minor mpich 2 years
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