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#2244 List of commits to revert once MPI 3.1 is approved apenya feature blocker mpich 3 years
#2318 Overzealous constification of deleted functions balaji bug blocker mpich 3 years
#2011 MPI_File_write_all fails when trying to write 4GB on lustre robl bug major romio 4 years
#2012 MPI_File_write (silently) writes 2GB instead of 4GB on lustre robl bug major romio 4 years
#2312 graph500_mpi_simple fails with MXM when run on 128 processes monicasee bug major mpich 3 years
#2350 Segfault during request initialization aamer bug major mpich 22 months
#1667 and mpishared.h copy/paste wbland bug minor mpich 6 years
#1986 mpifort feature minor mpich 5 years
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