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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#2192 portals4: Issue with dropped ACKs and REPLY events mpich mpich-3.3 bug balaji new 10/27/14
#2194 Bug in MPI_Neighbor_alltoall mpich mpich-3.3 bug apenya new 10/31/14
#2195 configure does nothing when valgrind headers are broken mpich mpich-3.3 bug sseo new 11/02/14
#2197 MPI-IO hints should take units romio feature new 11/13/14
#2198 Revoke + Shrink fails intermittently ulfm future bug wbland new 11/13/14
#2203 multi_isendalive fails on multiple platforms mpich future bug wbland new 11/18/14
#2205 Client hangs if server dies in established communicator mpich mpich-3.3 bug wbland new 11/19/14
#2206 Make all environment variables case-insensitive mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 11/22/14
#2207 Test failures on Mac Yosemite mpich bug new 11/25/14
#2210 test suite dist target doesn't create usable test suite mpich bug new 12/06/14
#2213 mpiexec hangs for some petsc users. mpich bug new 12/16/14
#2214 shared file pointer implementation should be robustified romio bug new 12/19/14
#2216 Overzealous F90/F90FLAGS error mpich bug new 01/13/15
#2221 bug in mpi_type_create_subarray mpich bug new 01/21/15
#2227 Intel test MPI_collective_overlap timing out mpich bug new 02/09/15
#2228 Extend MTest on RMA to include different communication patterns and ACC operations mpich mpich-3.3 feature xinzhao new 02/12/15
#2229 Add new test patterns in mtest-datatype. mpich mpich-3.3 feature new 02/13/15
#2230 Memory overrun on big endian systems mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 02/16/15
#2231 Make ABI string user accessible mpich mpich-3.3 feature new 02/20/15
#2232 Installation/User Guide Advice for Testing Should be Updated mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 02/23/15
#2233 Silent abort on Linux with repeated failures and collectives mpich mpich-3.3 bug wbland new 02/24/15
#2236 build failure with clang mpich bug new 02/25/15
#2237 Some FT tests not correctly refcounting internal objects ulfm future bug wbland new 03/01/15
#2240 Overhead on request struct added by RMA mpich future bug xinzhao new 03/03/15
#2241 Extend MTest in MPI test suite to test all pair types mpich future feature new 03/03/15
#2246 Compiler warnings mpich mpich-3.3 bug apenya assigned 03/10/15
#2248 strange slowness with oversubscribed FreeBSD mpich bug balaji assigned 03/20/15
#2252 Coverage tests are broken mpich bug new 03/31/15
#2254 "./autogen.sh --without-bindings" not work mpich bug new 04/20/15
#2255 Interlibrary dependencies: static linkers mpich mpich-3.3 bug raffenet new 04/25/15
#2257 MPI_Bcast() fails with count=2^29 mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 04/29/15
#2258 segfault with createf90types mpich bug new 05/01/15
#2262 MPI_Comm_dup_with_info docs wrong mpich bug new 05/28/15
#2263 hydra name resolution with slurm on ubuntu hydra mpich-3.3 bug raffenet new 05/30/15
#2266 cancel send not implemented in the OFI netmod mpich bug jithin new 05/31/15
#2270 cancel send not implemented in the MXM netmod mpich bug igor new 06/03/15
#2274 hydra block background processes hydra mpich-3.3 bug raffenet new 06/09/15
#2275 f08 buildiface SEGV mpich bug new 06/11/15
#2276 Wrong cancellation of unmatched sends mpich bug new 06/11/15
#2277 resource allocation and multiple mpi_comm_spawn's mpich bug new 06/16/15
#2278 Network specified RMA ordering mpich feature monicasee new 06/18/15
#2279 Add win_allocate version for all RMA test mpich mpich-3.3 feature monicasee new 06/19/15
#2280 Add more RMA tests mpich mpich-3.3 test needed monicasee new 06/22/15
#2281 Reduce code duplication in the RMA tests and allow per OP test granularity mpich future feature aamer new 06/23/15
#2285 Improve memory arena debugging mpich future feature new 07/10/15
#2288 Avoid directly setting request's reference counts and completion counts mpich future feature new 07/16/15
#2289 ft/agree fails intermittently ulfm future bug new 07/20/15
#2290 NBC: Callback based design mpich mpich-3.3 bug xinzhao new 07/21/15
#2293 threads/pt2pt/alltoall fails with portals mpich future bug raffenet new 07/30/15
#2298 fproto.h generated in source directory mpich bug new 08/21/15
#2301 errors/coll/nb_noalias 2 is failing for the ABI-test mpich bug new 08/28/15
#2303 Inconsistency in using MPIR_xxx_impl mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 09/21/15
#2304 de-dupe functionality in PAC_[APPEND|PREPEND]_FLAG macros does not work mpich mpich-3.3 bug raffenet new 09/23/15
#2305 Displaying source after attaching to an MPI job mpich bug new 09/28/15
#2306 mpiexec with 0 processes mpich bug new 10/01/15
#2307 collective I/O config list problem when gpfs selected and environment is not PE or BG mpich bug new 10/05/15
#2308 MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple hang issue with hosts info key hydra mpich-3.3 bug new 10/09/15
#2309 Unaligned memory access in receiving process mpich mpich-3.3 bug monicasee new 10/21/15
#2310 add segment utility to detect datatype mismatch mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 10/27/15
#2311 MPICH bcast not count-safe on Mac mpich bug new 11/02/15
#2313 test suite does not support out-of-place builds mpich bug new 11/11/15
#2314 [testsuite] mpicolltest.h not exported by make dist mpich bug new 11/11/15
#2315 with-ofi does not activate OFI mpich feature new 11/18/15
#2316 mrecv in ofi netmod (ch3) mpich mpich-3.2.1 feature raffenet new 11/25/15
#2319 MPI_Ibarrier(MPI_COMM_SELF) should not return MPI_REQUEST_NULL mpich mpich-3.2.3 bug new 12/12/15
#2320 MPIR_Get_count_impl is not count-safe mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 12/12/15
#2321 mpich-3.2 is not valgrind clean with petsc examples mpich bug new 12/18/15
#2322 RMA tests failing: putfence1, getfence1, derived-acc-flush_local mpich bug new 01/01/16
#2323 test suite: allgatherv4 FPE if np<3 mpich bug new 01/01/16
#2324 simple_pmi.c does not use PMI_SUCCESS/PMI_FAIL throughout mpich bug new 01/04/16
#2325 Incorrect global symbol names mpich bug new 01/05/16
#2326 Uninitialized global symbols mpich bug new 01/05/16
#2329 Local hostname/host IP lookup improvements mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug balaji new 01/22/16
#2330 build error with latest xcode mpich bug new 02/05/16
#2331 if mpif77 is a link to mpifort, do not install mpif77 manpage mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug raffenet new 02/17/16
#2332 uninitialized MPI_Status object mpich bug robl new 03/28/16
#2333 Comp_split and cart_create perfomance problems at scale mpich bug new 04/10/16
#2334 MPI.PROC_NULL for MPI_Fetch_and_op and MPI_Compare_and_swap: error or not? mpich bug new 04/15/16
#2335 Large extended packet header cannot fit in single cell for intra-node data transfer mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 05/25/16
#2336 Redirecting stdin data larger than the pipe capacity hydra mpich-3.3 bug new 06/05/16
#2337 tuning for NFS romio bug robl new 06/20/16
#2338 integer overflow in ADIOI_NFS_ReadStrided romio bug new 06/21/16
#2341 Compiling issue with --enable-debuginfo --enable-thread-cs=per-object mpich future bug new 06/22/16
#2342 mpi_f_sync_reg missing mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug new 06/25/16
#2343 add configure option --enable-abi-compatibility mpich mpich-3.2.1 feature raffenet new 07/14/16
#2344 ROMIO (and possibly CH3) should not use rand() mpich bug new 07/15/16
#2345 testsuite: --enable-strictmpi should disable certain directories mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug raffenet new 07/21/16
#2346 Assertion issue while duplicating a comm that was a result of the Dist_graph_create_adjacent, with unweighted edges mpich bug new 07/21/16
#2347 MPI IO returns incorrect count when File_set_view used romio bug new 07/27/16
#2348 MPI_File_iread_at and friends can return wrong count mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug robl new 08/06/16
#2349 The buffer at the root process during Bcast is being overwritten mpich mpich-3.3 bug new 08/16/16
#2352 MPIC_Sendrecv_replace takes an `int count` mpich mpich-3.2.1 bug robl new 09/15/16
#2354 build issue with PGI 16 mpich bug raffenet new 09/30/16
#2355 crashes with nonblocking collectives and isend/irecv mpich bug new 10/04/16
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