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16:47 Changeset [ffc5d6]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Darius Buntinas <buntinas@…>
added DBG message for memcopy
15:25 Ticket #1785 (ch3:sock + MPI_Ibarrier progress issue) created by goodell
Reported by Jed Brown on the discuss@… list: …
14:41 Changeset [ba027c]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Darius Buntinas <buntinas@…>
Replaced printf with DBG_MSG
14:37 Changeset [3da331]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Darius Buntinas <buntinas@…>
Merge branch 'master' of git.mpich.org:mpich
14:29 Changeset [0bb104]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Darius Buntinas <buntinas@…>
Added gtags files to .gitignore
13:51 Ticket #1784 (MPL: valgrind 3.6.0 incompatibility) closed by goodell
fixed: Should be fixed by 97dbd54 …
13:41 Changeset [97dbd5]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
tt#1784: fix MPL_VG_ macros with valgrind 3.6.0 Reported and largely …


14:49 Changeset [51b726]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
runtests: improve TAP output format Print a format that will display …
13:34 Changeset [a4165ae]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
Provide a web URL to see the changes in v3.0.1. No reviewer.
08:39 Changeset [e5d88f]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
release.pl: chdir out of $tdir Prevents error messages in the crons like: …


20:30 Changeset [92e071]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
Update CHANGES file with the hwloc upgrade. No reviewer.
20:18 Changeset [cef156]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
Merge hydra-specific hwloc patches from …
20:15 Changeset [f0a74b]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
Upgrade to hwloc-1.6.1. No reviewer.


22:24 Changeset [0e55d1]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
index TAP test lines Some TAP parsers are OK with omitted test numbers, …
17:42 Changeset [bbecd7]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
add preliminary TAP support runtests now also emits a summary.tap
11:39 Ticket #1784 (MPL: valgrind 3.6.0 incompatibility) created by goodell
Courtesy of Chris Daley via the discuss@ list: …
11:18 Changeset [7e11b4]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
clmake: screen more silent-rules patterns


16:50 Ticket #1783 (RMA and exotic predefined types) created by goodell
There are a few issues here that are a bit hard to tease apart. 1. The …
16:39 Changeset [f029a4]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
Revert "check accumulate datatype-op compatibility" This reverts commit …
14:25 Changeset [7780ef]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
release.pl: properly use "git describe" We weren't chomping the newline, …


13:40 Ticket #1782 (stdin returns EAGAIN after system("mpiexec ...")) created by goodell
Originally reported on stackoverflow.com: …
10:17 Changeset [cce9d8]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
autogen.sh: just copy "externals" The interaction with git was …
10:17 Changeset [234d4b]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
release.pl: more updates for git Partially reviewed by balaji@.


18:16 Changeset [927d78]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
ensure non-negative counts in MPIC_ funcs When no less than 4 tasks in …
13:45 Ticket #1781 (MPI_HOST/MPI_IO attribute bugs) created by goodell
From the ibm@… mailing list: […]


10:21 Ticket #1680 (Rename MPID_CommOps) closed by dinan
wontfix: MPID_CommOps follows the naming convention used for all such tables in …
10:14 Ticket #1780 (Shr. Mem. RMA: Disp array should be moved to shared segment) created by dinan
In the nemesis implementation of shared memory windows, the array of …
10:12 Ticket #1779 (Shr. Mem. RMA: Direct atomic CAS/FOP) created by dinan
In shared memory windows, the direct implementation of the CAS and FOP …
10:09 Ticket #1751 (Direct implementation of RMA ops for shared memory windows) closed by dinan
fixed: This was implemented in 58ec39c..ff1d326.
09:57 Changeset [ba2e444]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
check accumulate datatype-op compatibility This commit only improves …
09:53 Changeset [ff1d326]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Minor cleanup to shr. mem. win error checks A few small changes to …


19:53 Changeset [fe0723]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Fixed error checks in shr. mem. win. creation Replaced SETANDJUMP with …


22:37 Changeset [5d005d]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
autogen.sh: use cp -pPR instead of cp -a On niagara1, cp -a does …
17:35 Changeset [361742]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Updated MCS mutex test to also use shr. mem win. Updated the MCS mutex …
17:35 Changeset [13a030]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
RMA test case: MCS mutex lock/unlock A new test case that uses the …
17:31 Changeset [675e4d]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Shr. Mem. RMA: Flush is now a nop Reviewer: buntinas
17:31 Changeset [58ec39]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Implemented interprocess shared memory RMA ops Communication operations …
17:31 Changeset [71d3b4]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Sock implementation of interprocess shm mutex The sock implementation of …
11:35 Changeset [411e02]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
add a .mailmap file See the .mailmap file for information on format and …


22:31 Changeset [e7fe09]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
fixup for b31a0a6 (reduce_local error test) Jeff noticed that I had a …
18:22 Ticket #1763 (MPI_Reduce_local segfaults with MPI_IN_PLACE instead of throwing an error) closed by goodell
fixed: Fixed by b31a0a6 (gitweb link until trac is updated: …
18:19 Changeset [b31a0a]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
tt#1763: IN_PLACE checking for MPI_Reduce_local MPI-3.0, page 189 …
16:16 Changeset [a26933]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Removed unnecessary goto statements These gotos had no effect -- they …
16:08 Ticket #1776 (../src/mpi/datatype/status_set_elements_x.c:41: error: 'LLONG_MAX' ...) closed by goodell
fixed: fixed by 465ca32 …
16:04 Changeset [465ca3]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
tt#1776: fix platforms missing LLONG_MAX Provide an LLONG_MAX (and …
13:22 WikiStart edited by goodell
13:21 WikiStart edited by goodell


16:56 Changeset [2bfa1e]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
update openpa .gitignore for automake-1.13+ This needs to be upstreamed …
16:51 Changeset [f19ec3]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
update hydra .gitignore for automake-1.13+
16:46 Changeset [3f5688]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
fix automake-1.13+ recursive var warning Starting with automake 1.13, the …
12:37 Ticket #1778 (MPIX_Mutex update for MPI-3) created by dinan
The MPIX mutex library should be updated to use MPI-3 RMA operations. The …
11:48 Changeset [ac15f7]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
guard mpi.h clang annotation types This should reduce the amount of work …
11:48 Changeset [d440ab]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
use _LAYOUT_COMPATIBLE macros for MPI pair-types This says that layout …
11:26 Changeset [d4fcad]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Renamed MPI_MUTEX_TAG to MPIX_MUTEX_TAG Fixed misuse of MPI_ namespace in …


16:07 Changeset [ff1d777]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
Linked list construction benchmark test cases This test case is a …


16:13 Changeset [0aa156]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
convert release.pl to use git instead of svn Also update a couple of …
16:12 Changeset [7e525f]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
remove SVN version check from autogen.sh Now that we are using git, it …
16:09 Changeset [130f93]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
add root-level .gitignore
16:09 Changeset [3f18c2]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
add hydra .gitignore
16:08 Changeset [59c46c]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
Merge branch 'openpa-subtree' into post-svn-fixes
16:07 Changeset [db40bb]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
Squashed 'src/openpa/' content from commit b48b33c git-subtree-dir: …
16:07 Changeset [f944c9]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
Merge commit 'db40bb8aa2168ffad8f9a681723dff9f8d6c426c' as 'src/openpa'
16:07 Changeset [3a53d0]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
delete src/openpa before re-adding via git-subtree
16:06 Changeset [6ef688]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Dave Goodell <goodell@…>
delete "relative" svn:externals dirs Also add autogen.sh logic to copy …


14:42 Ticket #1771 ('+' in "--prefix" prevents compiler wrapper script installation) closed by goodell
fixed: Fixed in [153f14c67e8eecc53b896deccf3ac52ef5635b8a]. Let me know if this …
14:41 Changeset [153f14]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by David Goodell <goodell@…>
[svn-r10821] tt#1771: allow + in --prefix=, etc. Satish pointed out …
13:12 Changeset [ca4448]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by David Goodell <goodell@…>
[svn-r10820] fix dylib creation on OS X if fortran is disabled This is a …
12:17 Changeset [1b38b5]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
[svn-r10819] Added CHANGES log for mpich-3.0.1 and mpich-3.0.2. No …
12:17 Changeset [0e2479]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
[svn-r10818] Merge hydra-specific hwloc patches from r10740. No reviewer.
12:17 Changeset [4ee377]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
[svn-r10817] Upgrade to hwloc-1.6.1rc1. No reviewer.
12:17 Changeset [e72d252]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
[svn-r10816] Redo the twovec test to get rid of the MPI_Wtick() test which …
00:06 Ticket #1777 (Environment variable for controlling the prefix to be used for mpicc and ...) created by balaji
It will be useful to provide an environment variable MPICH_PREFIX, which …


16:40 Changeset [f84a22]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
[svn-r10809] Removed duplicate declaration from mpi.h.in Removed …
14:40 Ticket #1776 (../src/mpi/datatype/status_set_elements_x.c:41: error: 'LLONG_MAX' ...) created by jhammond
As discussed on devel@…... […] On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 2:33 …


14:19 Ticket #1775 (test suite does not always check for MPI-2.2 in MPI_REDUCE_SCATTER_BLOCK ...) created by jhammond
MPI_REDUCE_SCATTER_BLOCK was added in MPI-2.2. Some, but not all, of the …


22:21 Changeset [dff0683]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by James Dinan <dinan@…>
[svn-r10808] Removed stale mpix header inclusion in test case The …


14:16 Ticket #1774 (Error check discrepancy in MPI_Type_size vs. MPI_Type_size_x) created by balaji
When an uncommitted datatype is used in MPI_Type_size_x, we throw an …


22:48 Changeset [837d6a]3.1.x3.2.xallgather-auto-selection by Pavan Balaji <balaji@…>
[svn-r10804] Missed out some mpich2 --> mpich renames. No reviewer.
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